Repairing Steel & Metal Roofs

Is your corrugated roof coming off at one end? Has it gotten damaged in a storm and is now not attached to the house properly? Long run and colour steel roofs are fixed to the top of the house with specific fixing components that can, after some time, get damaged and let go. This could lift parts of the roof sheet, causing issues, such as leaking and noise, which can be relatively expensive to fix within your home. It is essential to keep on top of the maintenance of roof fixings to ensure no further damage affects your household.

Person fixing steel roof

Repairing Roof Fixings

You may believe that if some of your corrugated or long-run roofs lift, you should replace the whole sheet to maintain the benefits of your roofing system. This is, however, not the case, and you can often solve the issue by replacing just the fixings that hold the sheet to the top of your house. Apex Roofs has the knowledge and equipment to repair broken fixings and give you back the benefits your steel and metal roofs provide. Our fixings are made of the highest quality material to ensure that maintenance doesn’t need to be completed often and that your roof stays in place, even in harsh environmental conditions.

We optimise the placement of fixings so that even in high wind and rain, your roofs remain in place. Instead of repairing your roof yourself, engage the services of professional roofers to get the greatest results and the most extended life from your metal and steel roofs!

professional worker fixing steel roof

Contact Apex Roofs for repairs

Get in touch with our team early when you notice that your roof sheet starts lifting. This will ensure that no further damage is caused, and you get the most benefits from your roofing. Apex Roofs can help with all your fixings repairs!