Leaking Roofs

Is your roof leaking? Are you getting wet ceilings and floors when it’s raining? A leaking roof can cause costly damages to your home that can be challenging and time-consuming to fix. It can disrupt your everyday life and business and significantly impact the quality of your life. If you notice a leak in your roof, it is vital to fix it immediately to avoid any further complications. Apex Roofs can repair your leaky roofs quickly and effectively to ensure that you don’t get caught up in additional issues. We have the knowledge and experience to solve these problems in no time and give you a high-performing roof!

Leaky Roof Repairs

When you call Apex Roofs with a leaking roof issue, we will first assess the damage and locate the source of the damage. In most cases, we won’t need to re-roof the whole area. Instead, we will likely need to replace a few tiles and metal sheets to fix the leaks. Our team has the high-quality equipment and professional knowledge required for repairing all types of roofs that are leaking. We can patch sheets of iron or perform complete sheet replacements to avoid more leaks. Our cost-effective solutions are an excellent choice for any residential and commercial building in the Wellington region.

With all our roofing materials made from high-quality material, we will ensure that you don’t experience leaking again for an extended period. Our team are also able to perform regular maintenance to prevent such issues from arising and damaging your homes. Leaks need to be attended to immediately, so make sure you call Apex Roofs to fix them quickly.

Contact us with all your leaking roof issues

Get in touch with Apex Roofs if you notice a wet ceiling or floors within your home or commercial space. We will investigate the source of the leak and solve the issue in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way!