Need parts of your roof replaced?

Have you lost a few tiles in last night’s large storm? Is part of your corrugated roof damaged and leaking? Maintaining your roof involves replacing elements when they are damaged, including cracked or chipped tiles and steel roof sheets that have holes in them. Some people believe that if their roof is damaged, they need to replace the whole area. However, it is often enough to change the parts that have complications to avoid any further issues and save money in the long run. Apex Roofs can help with all your roof replacements across the Wellington region!

Roof being replaced

Partial Roof Replacements With Apex Roofs

If you notice leaking or noise coming from your roof, you will most likely need to replace a few tiles or a sheet. Ensure that you contact Apex Roofs as soon as you notice the damage to ensure that no further complications arise. Our team will first assess the damage to determine how many tiles need to be replaced and make sure you don’t need complete re-roofing to be done. We will then get all the necessary equipment and parts to provide you with a great looking and functional roof.

Our replacement parts are made of the highest quality material to ensure that they last longer and give you all the benefits you need from your roof. We have a range of tiles and steel sheets available that will fit with your current design if you don’t have any leftovers, so you won’t need to worry about a patchy looking roof.

clay roof files being replaced

Get your roof replacements done by Apex Roofs

Contact our team as soon as you notice damage on your roofing to prevent further issues from arising. We are experienced in replacing parts of your roof, such as cracked tiles and sheets, with holes in them to provide you with an ideal roofing experience!