Decramastic Roof Tiles

Issues With Decramastic Roof Tiles

Decramastic roof tiles have been around for a significant amount of time, and due to their underlying issues, they aren’t being made in the country anymore. Decramastic roofs are scallop-shaped tin tiles coated with an aggregate that often falls off and blocks gutters. Apart from easily being damaged by UV rays, many decramastic tiles also contain asbestos, leading to many homeowners wanting to install a completely new roof. Apex Roofs are experienced in working on decramastic roofs and can repaint, service and help you organise its removal.  It may be worth it to upgrade your roofing with Apex Roofs.

Roof with asbestos in it

Apex Roofs’ Decramastic Tile Solutions

Decramastic tiles need regular maintenance due to the aggregate falling off from environmental factors like sun rays, rain, and wind. Apex Roofs repaints aggregate roofs to maintain the design and look of your home to the greatest degree. Our experienced team can also complete repairs on your decramastic roof tiles to prevent leaks and other complications within your home.

However, once we explain the difficulties that these types of roofs pose for homeowners, we often see our clients choose a different roofing option for their houses. We can get you in touch with an asbestos removal company if we believe that there is any risk posed towards us. Once the harmful material is removed, our team will install a new type of roofing on your house, be it a concrete tile roof or colour steel roofing. We will help you select the best solution for your needs.

Roof with asbestos

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If you have concerns about your decramastic roof tiles, get in touch with the Apex Roofs team today. We will assess the state of your roofing and will provide some advice about what may be the best course of action to take, be it repair or replacement.