Long Run & Clip Lock

Long Run & Clip Lock Roofing in New Zealand

Renew the look and functionality of your roof with long run or clip lock roofing by Apex Roofs. Having a damaged, leaking and old roof can cause further issues for your home and household and may be costly to fix if not attended to early on. Apex Roofs can fully replace your roofing with long run and clip lock options, which are highly durable and will give you a look and quality that will set your home apart from others. Don’t save on such an essential aspect of your home; ensure a professional team works on your investment!

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Metal Roof Options at Apex Roofs

Long run roofing is sheets of pre-painted steel that has grooves and ridges. As one of the most popular roofing options, it can be found widely across New Zealand. No wonder, as it can withstand the harshest weather and environments in all parts of the country while providing a stylish and long-lasting design. At Apex Roofs, we have a range of colours and sizes of long run roofing available to fit all your requirements.

Clip lock roofing has a similar design and is also made from metal that works well in all environmental conditions. These are specially designed for flat roofs for minimal inclines. They are unique, as instead of being fixed with screws from above, they have clips that attach them to the top from below. This reduces the likelihood of leaks and corrosion where the screws are usually fixed.

Both these metal roofing designs can be an excellent option for your home!

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