Roof Painting & Restorations

Give your home a new look with roof painting and restorations

Is the exterior of your home looking old and unappealing? Do you have a leaking roof that doesn’t protect your home anymore? Improve the way that your roof looks and performs with Apex Roofs’ professional services. This will not only make your home stand out but will also give it significant benefits, such as being better insulated, preventing leaks and servicing any other underlying issues that we may find. A damaged roof can cause considerable problems to the whole home, and repairing and painting it early on will save you money and time.

Roof Painting

Apex Roofs’ painting and restoration process

When you contact our friendly team to get your roof painted or restored, you can expect excellent quality workmanship that will last for a long time. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all restoration and paintwork, giving you peace of mind that your investment will be worth it for future-proofing. The Apex Roofs team is able to restore and repaint various types of roofs for a fraction of the price of what a re-roofing job would cost you.

Our paint jobs involve a complete roof inspection and preparation of the premises to get you the best results.  We complete some repairs before putting the new coat on to ensure that your roof will look exactly as you envisioned. Our team puts a base and a top coat on to get you the most outstanding results. We have had several years of experience working on roofs in the Wellington region and are excited to offer you our expertise.

roof painting

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