Roof Tiles

Roof Tiling

Want a classic looking roof that withstands all New Zealand conditions? Then Apex Roofs’ tile roofing may be an excellent option for you. Having a damaged roof can be costly and annoying to your household and may involve issues with insulation and leaks that no one wants to experience. Your current tiles could also be moving around the wind, which may disturb you in your sleep and damage your roof further. Repairing your roof early on will save you money and cost you much less than having to replace the whole structure. Apex Roofs have a range of tiling options available!

Roof Tiles

Wellington Tile Installation

Apex Roofs offers their expertise to install a range of different tiling options for your needs. Whether you need a few tiles replaced or your whole roof to be changed, we can help you. Our team members have been working on roofs for several years and have the expertise and knowledge not only to get your roof looking great but also to provide your home with several benefits. We can give your Wellington property a whole new lease of life with our repair and maintenance service.

If you aren’t sure about what type of tiling may be the right one for you, our expert team can help the one that aligns with the design of your home and offers the benefits you are looking for. Apex Roofs provides a 10-year guarantee on all our jobs to give you peace of mind that our performance is of high quality.

Roofer installing roof tiles

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Get in touch with Apex Roofs today if you would like to refresh the look of your roof with classic looking roof tiles. We will support you in the selection and create a solution that will offer you excellent benefits and last a long time.