Accessway Cleaning

Dirty Driveways & Accessways

Are access ways to your home or commercial building covered in moss? Is it unsafe to walk on the pathway when it’s raining or cold? Water blasting these surfaces is essential to prevent accidents and ensure that they provide you with their necessary benefits. No one likes walking on a surface that’s slippery or dirty. Water blasting will also improve the appearance of your property and give an excellent first impression to those that come for a visit. Apex Roofs can water blast all types of accessways and exterior parts of the property to provide you with the solutions you are looking for!

access way being water blasted

Water Blasting with Apex Roofs

Water blasting instantly improves the property’s appearance without any repairs or renovations being done to the exterior. You might think that you need to replace an accessway due to how dirty and full of moss it is; however, a simple water blasting service may solve the issue without further interference. When the exterior surfaces of your property are water blasted, as little pressure as possible is used to ensure no damage is done to any finishes.

With our water blasting equipment, we can clean driveways, paths, pavers and brickwork, giving the complete exterior of your home a new and fresh look. Our team can perform the cleaning while you are at work to ensure that your everyday life isn’t disrupted and you get the benefits quickly and efficiently. Give your accessways a new life by simply removing the dirt and grime they have collected over the years!

driveway being water blasted

Book water blasting appointment with our team

Contact Apex Roofs today to book a water blasting appointment with our experienced house washing team. Our service will leave your property sparkling clean while also protected from any damage to the surface. Give your property the attention it deserves with water blasting!