House Washing

Exterior Cleaning and House Washing

Is your house dirty on the exterior? Don’t remember when your property was last washed? Paint manufacturers recommend that your house cladding is washed at least once a year to extend the protective shield of your paintwork. Mould, grime and moss aren’t things that anyone would like their home to be associated with. Water blasting your home can provide excellent exterior benefits while also ensuring it’s protected from damage. Apex Roofs’ competitively priced house washing and exterior commercial building cleaning services may be just what your property needs to look fresh and new!

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Apex Roofs’ House Washing Solution

Wellington’s premier roof contractors can simply get rid of mould, pollution and grime with their expert house washing technique using a high flow low-pressure cleaning method. Our team ensures the finishes of your property are protected while all unnecessary dirt is removed, leaving your home or commercial space sparkling clean. When you book a house washing service with Apex Roofs, you can expect the following:

  • A high volume rinse to soak and loosen dirt and grime
  • An eco-friendly house washing formula is used to work its magic. If your property has wooden joinery around the windows and doors, we use a hand brush to prevent water from getting inside.
  • A high volume soft wash is employed to clean and remove all dirt.

Our house washing results in a spotless finish that is sure to make all your neighbours jealous. We will give your home a whole new life with a cost-effective and straightforward house wash!

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