Roof Cleaning

Cleaning Your Roof

Is your roof dirty? Have you got moss growing in some parts and mould in others? Then it could be an excellent idea to pressure wash your roofing to get rid of the dirt and give it the new life it deserves. Manufacturers suggest thoroughly washing the roof at least once a year to prevent discolouration and reduce the likelihood of damage. If left for longer, your roof will not only look old and dirty but may also suffer further damage, such as cracks and chips. Roof washing may not be something you think about often, so let our friendly team take care of it for you!

man water blasting roof

Apex Roofs’ Water Blasting Services

Apex Roofs are not only expert roofers. We also have the knowledge and equipment to clean your roofing and give it a new life. Our water blasting instantly improves the appearance of your property’s exterior, meaning you may not need a complete roof replacement; a wash might just offer you the right benefits. We use a high-flow and low-pressure washing method to clean but protect the finish of your roofing. When you book in a roof washing service, you can expect the following:

  • A high volume rinse to soak and loosen dirt and moss
  • An eco-friendly roof washing formula is applied to remove all the dirt and mould/.
  • A high volume soft wash is used to remove the grime entirely.

Our technology enables us to work completely independently, so we can perform the roof cleaning while you are at work during the day to prevent any disruptions to your everyday life.

Book a roof cleaning service with us today

Contact us today if your roof is looking old and dirty. We will work our water blasting magic to give your roof a new life and improve the exterior of your property. We care about your home and will ensure that it’s sparkling clean and protected after our service.